MirrorScript Pro

MirrorScript Pro 1.0

An application to write texts to be displayed as if using a teleprompter
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MirrorScript Pro is an application to write and display text on a teleprompter. It is of course aimed especially at persons who usually need to speak before and audience or even in front of a camera. With this application, you can either type in your speech or copy and paste it. It allows you to apply font effects, like bold and italics. For a better customization, you can also change the fonts and background colors, although black colors are shown brighter in the application for easier editing reasons.

Some of its most interesting features, however, are those for setting the scrolling speed (according to the speaker's talking speed) and for flipping the text horizontally and vertically. These features are really useful when a mirror is being used to display the text. This way, speakers will be able to read text naturally despite the reverse effect of the glass or mirror.

When tested, however, this application failed several times to initialize the text presentation correctly using its default values. This glitch happens until the fonts and the background colors are set by the user. Other than that small glitch, which has an easy fix, this application is a perfect complement for any teleprompter user.

Pablo Saavedra
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  • Intuitive interface


  • It has a small glitch: if you have not set font color and size previously, it will start a blank text presentation
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